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From releases (Windows only)

You can download the latest release from here. The release contains all dependencies bundled, including adb and scrcpy. Just extract the archive and run adborc.exe on the command line from the extracted directory.


Depending on the mode of operation, AdbOrc depends on the following:

  1. adb - Android Debug Bridge
  2. scrcpy - Optional, for screen mirroring

For MarketMaker mode, none of the above are required.

For Consumer mode to work, minimum version of adb required is 1.0.41.

Optionally, scrcpy can be used for screen mirroring. Minimum version of scrcpy required is 1.13.

For Supplier mode to work, minimum version of adb required is 1.0.41, with minimum revision number of 33.0.1.

Note: scrcpy is not required for Supplier mode.

You can override the default adb and scrcpy used by:

# Full path to the adb executable
$ adborc set-adb-path <path_to_adb>

# Full path to the scrcpy executable
$ adborc set-scrcpy-path <path_to_scrcpy>

From source

Installing AdbOrc from source requires the rust toolchain to be installed on your system. Click here for instructions on how to install the rust toolchain.

Assuming you have the rust toolchain installed:

$ cargo install --git 

# Or, if you want to build from local source
$ git clone
$ cd adborc

$ cargo install --path .


If you have the rust toolchain installed, you can install AdbOrc from its published crate on

$ cargo install adborc

Note: AdbOrc in Consumer/Supplier mode requires adb to be installed on the system. It also requires scrcpy to be installed on the system if you wish to use device screen mirroring. See dependencies section for more details.